Best Dive Watches Under $100

4.5 out of 5 stars

By Carson Casey “Awesome.”

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“The band width is 22 mm, not 20. Casio watch model MTD-1079 is 22mm. I’m only writing this because I just bought this watch at Kohls and it’s probably the greatest watch I’ve ever owned. I just had a great Hamilton Khaki destroyed by some hack jeweler and I just needed a new watch. This is the nicest, sharpest most flawless watch you can get. I can’t believe it’s only about 80 bucks. Beautiful design. Great, classic day/date function similar to Seikos. Nice, red accented second hand. Best of all: It’s trustworthy. I love automatics but if you put them down for a day or two you have to constantly mess with them. This watch also has an awesome illuminator feature. One important note: the band that comes with this watch it the typical, cheap, flimsy super-crap pos band. The watch it’s self is absolutely excellent though. I got a 22mm Miltat Mt-033 Endmill oyster band for another $80 and it’s absolutely beautiful. Both the watch and the Miltat band have perfectly matching brushes stainless steel tops and high-polish sides. Absolutely awesome reliable trustworthy great watch for under $200. Beautiful crystal too, slightly beveled. 0.000 pieces of debris or dust in the case too. Absolutely flawless and precise watch for $80. Very happy with it.”

4.2 out of 5 stars

By Michael Blackburn “Truly happy with my purchase.”

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“I was a little worried about some of the negative feedback I had read, but went ahead and bought the watch anyway. I love it! True, it is big but I have good size wrist and the watch looks right at home, it is also heavy but not uncomfortable. It is of very good quality, very well built. I swam in the ocean with it and rinsed it in clear water after, and it looks new, it hasn’t lost any of it’s luster and the salt washed right off the rubber bracelet. I love watches and owned a large variety of them, from a Rado to a Breitling to Timex and other brand, in all honesty I have never received so many compliments on a watches before, both from men and from woman. From a working stand point, it is very accurate and easy to to operate, the crown is a good size and easy to manipulate. Just one word of advise, don’t buy this for a kid or if the person has very small wrist, it may look out of place.”

4.3 out of 5 stars

By a6m5 “Overcame the defective calendar”

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“This watch is built dirt-cheap. I expected that much from a $18 watch. I was still disappointed, because I was under the impression Casio was above this. Honestly, if it broke before the month is over, it would not surprise me any.
While I didn’t like the cheap build, I’m not gonna lie, I really liked the look of this watch, especially considering the price. It is also the easiest of the analog watches to tell time.
I did come close to giving this watch a one star. After I had already placed the order for the watch, I noticed some one star reviews noting the defective calendar dial. I didn’t worry much, considering how few one star reviews this watch actually had on Amazon. I got mine delivered just today, and indeed, my ‘day’ setting was stuck & would not move. As I set everything else, I kept playing with it. Turning the crown slow, fast, slow while pressuring the crown in-out-up-down, you get the idea. Behold, it did start to show some movement, so I kept playing with it.
After I spun that crown couple hundred times or so, really fast, the dial became unstuck. It is functioning perfectly now.
P.S. Watch I received is “JAPAN MOV’T”, “CASED IN CHINA”.
UPDATE 2/8/13
I really like this watch. It is the cheapest watch I own, but I wear this one almost everyday. It has performed perfectly, and it has been highly accurate as well. I got it in September, it’s February now. If it’s still this good next September, I’m gonna have to give it five stars.
UPDATE2 9/27/13
As promised, I’m bumping it from 3 to 5 stars. Not that I’ve put it thru a torture test, but it has performed perfectly as a daily wear watch thru some exposure to water(never submerged though), and plenty of tossing & bumping around. I got more than my money’s worth.
UPDATE3 12/8/14
Still performing perfectly, even after 2+ years. Keeps very accurate time, too. My first impression of this watch was dead wrong.
I originally purchased this watch knowing that its design borrowed heavily from the Luminox Navy SEAL watch. I finally bought that Luminox couple of months ago when I misplaced this Casio. I’ve found the Casio since, but I no longer wear it for obvious reasons, so this would be the last update of my review. I guess I used this watch for nearly 2.5 years, and other than the defective calendar dial I wrestled with at the start, it’s been 100% problem free. Even the band/strap’s still in perfect shape, and is powered by the original battery it came with. Well done, Casio. :)”

4.6 out of 5 stars

By Brady “An Excellent Value for a true Dive Watch”

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“I just got this watch this morning, 2 days sooner than the estimated delivery date! I love dive watches, and wasn’t sure that a $38 watch would be worth wearing. let me tell you, Buy this watch! its Big, Beautiful, and worth every penny. ill update this over time to let you know how it holds up in the long run, but for now, I am very happy with it! it is Big, I like that, the listing has it at 40, but it is 45. I have a 7” wrist, and I love how it sits. you get a lot for the $$, 200M WR, screw down crown, and case back, uni-directional bezel. and a nice date window. the only thing I would say could be better is the strap.. it feels kind of like cheap plastic, but no big deal, Im going to get a Zulu for it. here is a pic of it next to my $400 Deep Blue, I think it holds up well against much more expensive watches.
EDIT: its been over a year, and its still working and looking as good as new! I end up beating the heck out of it and it has never let me down!
I have added some more pics of it on different straps, I like to change up the look. its a very versatile watch!”

4.2 out of 5 stars

By Catfish “and easily the best”

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“I’ve purchased several “homage” Submariners in the past 10 years. This one is the least expensive, and easily the best. By way of background, the first was a Steinheart Ocean-1. After a couple of years the bezel ring would no longer click but just free wheel and the watch gained over 10 seconds a day. Very disappointing, given the cost of the watch. The second was an Orient Snorkeler that worked okay but eventually stopped running. The third was a no-name that I bought on e-bay from Hong Kong with a miyota movement.
There were several things that caused me to initially shy away from this Invicta in the past. Most notably was all of the Invicta badging on their products, and the negative comments about that and the watch band.
The quality of the movement on this watch makes up for all of the badging issues. It is a Seiko hacking movement, and it is the most accurate movement of any “automatic watch I’ve ever owned (and I’ve been wearing automatics since the 1960s). I’ve been wearing it for a little over a week now, and it has only gained a total of three seconds (not three seconds a day, but three seconds overall). I think that is pretty amazing for a timepiece that only cost $85.
The watch is very handsome, and gets a lot of looks and compliments. The “INCVICTA” engraving on the left side of the case is actually very subtle and not that noticeable. This might be more of an issue for those who wear the watch on their right wrist, but for those who wear it on the left, it is hardly visible. I actually like the wing on the short end of the second hand and on the face of the watch. The luminous dot on the second hand is probably 1/8″ closer to the end of the hand than the dot on most other homages (and the real thing), but this actually causes it to sweep directly over the luminous hour dots on the face of the watch as it moves, which I think is cool. The watch band has received some negative reviews and I am not sure why. It is a thick, heavy-weight band and is of much higher quality than what was was furnished with any of the other Submariner homage watches that I have owned (by comparison, the one on the Orient was terrible to the point that it had to be replaced). Some don’t like the shiny center kinks on the provided band, but I do. It looks good and has been durable so far. One other positive attribute worth noting about this watch is the magnification quality of the date cyclops. It actually does a good job of really magnifying, unlike on some of the others that I own (only the Steinhart magnifies the date this well). Some have complained that the bezel ring is hard to turn, and I initially experienced the same thing. A youtube video suggested soaking the watch in water for up to an hour then turning the bezel ring while wet. I performed this procedure twice and it did the trick. Now the bezel ring moves easily enough but is still very tight and wiggle free. The bezel has 120 clicks vice the more common 60 clicks.
So for 85 bucks, you get a very good looking Submariner homage with a hacking Seiko movement that is nearly as accurate as a quartz watch. Whats not to like?”

4.6 out of 5 stars

By John O. Nielsen “Stop Shopping. Buy It Now”

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“This is the watch. If you have been obsessively looking at rugged digital watches, and are cheap, like me, this is it. This is a mans watch. If you look like this guy in the pic, or have more than one friend who does, DO NOT BUY THIS WATCH. This is a watch for guys who do things. If you are a lover AND a fighter, this watch is for you. If you ever thought about being a cop or a fireman, this watch is for you. If you ever dreamed of going out like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, this watch is for you. If your “watch collection” is 3.5 broken watches, this watch is for you. If you are at the point in life where you confidently meet other mens eyes and give the half up nod, this watch is for you.
Great deal on a great watch.”

Top Features

  • 100 m water resistant
  • Luminous hands and markers
  • 40 mm case diameter
  • 13 mm case thickness

4.2 out of 5 stars

By Steve G “First impressions”

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“I’m not one to purchase expensive watches. I look for a watch that looks good, is easy to use, and is rugged and reliable. So far, this watch fits the bill. Great looks, solidly built, easy to adjust time and date with the screw in crown and the links were easily removed for band adjustment. For the price, I’m impressed. The true test of reliability will come with time. (no pun intended) I’ve only owned the watch for four days, but so far, it’s keeping accurate time. At this point, I would buy it again.
UPDATE: I’ve owned this watch for over a month now and I’m happy to report that it is keeping accurate time with no problems whatsoever. I’m extremely happy with my purchase!
UPDATE: I had a chance to buy another watch for $10 less than what I paid for my first one, so I bought it. It arrived in perfect condition. Well packaged. Keeps time just as accurately as the first one I purchased. Is there any better testament to a good deal other than a repeat customer? This is a great deal at a reasonable price!!!”

4.1 out of 5 stars

By andrewB “Great deal on a quality watch for a great price”

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“This is a great watch for very little money. It has all the characteristics of a much more expensive watch for less than the cost of a Timex. The link bracelet has solid, pinned links and clasp with a double safety latch. The movement is a Miyota Japanese quartz movement. The crystal has a magnifier window over the date for easy reading. The packaging is fantastic. The watch keeps perfect time and has given me no problems of any kind, whatsoever. I will be buying more of this brand in the future.”

4.2 out of 5 stars

By Johnny Mac “Incredible watch and incredible value!”

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“I LOVE this watch! I received it for Father’s day and haven’t stopped wearing it since. A few of the reviews here had me worried about things like the gold on the bracelet wearing off quickly, some in days. I’ve worn mine non-stop except when I shower and the bracelet still looks like new.
FIt and finish on the case, bezel, and face are impeccable. The automatic workings have proven incredibly accurate and have kept within a second or two over the last week. The only other automatic watch I owned (a Diesel) was very inaccurate and a general PITA to maintain. This has been pure joy! The bracelet is comfortable and easy to remove the links yourself. It gets compliments all the time thanks to it’s classic styling. The date window is super easy to read with the magnifying bubble on the lens. My eyes, now that I’m getting older, have a really hard time reading the date window on my other watches but this one is a dream and no problem to read. The sweeping second hand is great fun to watch in action. The rear window allows easy viewing of the inner working and especially the winding pendulum.
For around $75 this watch is a stupendous value and I highly recommend it! I own at least a couple dozen watches including some other Invicta models and I have to admit that I feel horrible for neglecting other watches I’ve recently purchased but I can’t bring myself to not wear this beauty. In time I suppose the sizzle will lessen and I will add some of my other watches into my daily wear rotation but for now I’m simply in love with this watch. It’s the perfect gift for the guy in your life. I can’t thank my wife enough for getting me this fantastic time piece!”

4.1 out of 5 stars

By CWTrooper “Impressive quality and value”

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“I’m quite a watch fancier, having about about 20 watches of all different kinds, movements and brands. Several high end watches included, like Breitlings and Rolexes. I bought this watch as I was curious as to what the price would bring. Honestly, I didn’t expect much and was very pleasantly surprised. This is a quality piece. The case and band are beefy, with no skimping on metal here. All stainless steel with the middle band links polished to a high finish, with the surrounding link pieces also polished but a little less so, letting the band show very nicely without being ornate. Packaging is superb. The watch is encased in soft plastic to protect it, there is a message from Max Stuhrling on the cover and adequate instructions. Very nicely done, Max.
About the band. I have a rather large wrist and usually need an extra link or two. I had to remove a link on the watch and move up the clasp pins two notches to properly fit my 7 3/4 inch; wrist. If you try to to size it yourself, you must have a watch tool kit (I got mine on Amazon, of course) and be careful to punch out the pins in the direction of the arrows embossed on the inside of the links that are removable. Note also that the head of the link pin is slightly larger than the end of the pin and needs to be reinserted last from the same side of the link it came out of. By the way, the clasp is of the squeeze the end sides type — my favorite as it is very secure. And, the literature doesn’t mention this, but the crown screws down.
Indeed, I am very impressed with the value of this watch (even a Swiss quartz movement!) and have no idea how Amazon and Stuhrling can offer such a quality time piece at an excellent price! And a two-year warranty!! Enjoy. This is a definite buy.
REVIEW UPDATE: After wearing this watch for two months, and synchronizing it with an “atomic clock” I have for such matters, I am impressed with its accuracy. In exactly two months, it has gained only six seconds. At three seconds per month, this means only 36 seconds per year. Very impressive for a watch of this price. I maintain my five star rating.”

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